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Microsoft has finally unveiled all of their plans for Windows Phone 8, including when and where you’ll be able to pick up one of the latest devices running the OS. To get in on the WP8 goodness you’ll need to upgrade the entire phone, as you may recall Microsoft is only allowing a smaller upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8 on “legacy” devices such as the Lumia 900.

If you’re in the market for a new Windows Phone, there are five launch models to choose from, and the following guide will help you see which ones are available on your favorite wireless carrier and for how much. Plus, at the end of the article, there is a comparison table where you can see the differences in specifications between all of them.



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In May, Nokia released its own Nokia Reading app exclusively for its line up of Lumia Windows Phones. The app allowed Lumia owners to find, buy and read from a library of eBooks. Now there’s word that there’s an updated version of the app available to download that adds a couple of new features.


Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 will allow users to backup text messages, app lists, accounts, IE favourites, and themes to Hotmail and When a device is first turned on, users will be given the option is sign in to their Microsoft account to sync data between phone, PC, and even Xbox.

The Verge also reports that Windows Phone 8 will still include the option to automatically upload photos to SkyDrive, but users will now have the option to include video and have greater control over backups.

These extra backup options will removes much of the hassle that is involved and will allow users to make their data even more safe. It will also make the transition from one Windows Phone 8 device to another much more fluid.

Microsoft is likely to announce more information about the backup options at the Windows Phone 8 event in New York on September 5th.

Source: The Verge