Apple TV New

Although the Apple TV is still officially classed as hobby project for Apple that takes its place behind the likes of the iPhone and iPad, it is a piece of kit that is growing in popularity and prominence with more units shipping each quarter. Apple have showed recent signs of taking the Apple TV more seriously with the addition of streaming content such as the iTunes Festival and their own media event keynotes but until they add some powerful extensions and features, it may continue to live as the company’s hobby creation. Thankfully, the jailbreak world loves to pay attention to unloved iOS devices and it now seems possible to control the Apple TV using basic voice commands.

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Enthusiasts are buzzing over a trick that lets users get access to all of the operating system’s controls in one folder.




Those of you who are familiar with jailbreaking, rooting or unlocking their smartphone will know that the tools that apply these modifications use an exploit – either in your device’s software or hardware – to get system-level access and allow other applications to do the same.

Modder and recognized developer lyriquidperfection from XDA Developers has released a new tool that can root and unroot all HTC devices in one click using an unspecified universal exploit. Check it out after the jump!

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Android Root


Despite being such an “open” mobile operating system, all Android phones in the market today come with a few limitations. These are actually safety mechanisms put in place for more security and to ensure that (inexperienced) users don’t mess up their devices. For enthusiasts, though, these safety mechanisms are limitations. Limitations that limit how they get to use a device they own.

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iOS 61 pwned

Whenever a new version of iOS is released to the public (or indeed, simply to developers), the attentions of many quickly turn to the possibility of a jailbreak. Offering a freedom impossible at stock level on an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, jailbroken devices offer the iOS experience without limitation, and it’s thanks to utilities like the iPhone Dev-Team’s Redsn0w that jailbreaks can be achieved.

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ios 61 (2)


Apple have just officially flipped the switch on the release of iOS 6.0.1 update for their sixth major iteration of the iOS mobile operating system for compatible iPhone, iPod touches and iPads. Users of Apple’s mobile hardware found themselves able to initially benefit from the reported two hundred new features that were bundled into iOS 6 back in September when it first became available. iPhone 5 owners on the other hand had to wait an additional two days to get their hands on iOS 6 when the device launched around the world.

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6 Apps You Don’t Want To Miss

Posted: November 3, 2012 in Gadgets, Geek Stuff, Op. Systems