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10 Ways to Speed Up Your Car

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Geek Stuff, Random
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Fed up with poor performance of your vehicle? Willing to spend some decent cash to invigorate that corpse of an automobile? Well here are some sure shot methods to get your car spinning big time.

Air Intakes

Air Intakes 550x415 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Car

Air induction is vital for an efficient and powerful working of your engine. Swapping the factory fitted intakes with a decent after market air induction system will breath new life into your car. There is a wide variety of brands to choose from with varying costs. These systems can be easily installed without much hassle. A good air induction system will put you back by two hundred bucks.



Google and LG may only have announced the Nexus 4 earlier this week, but the Android community is by far the most dogmatic in its quest to tweak and mod every aspect of the search company’s firmware, and already, a method for unlocking the device’s bootloader is ready and available; more details after the jump!

The tutorial is not too difficult if you’re accustomed to this kind of thing, but if you’re a bit of a noobie, make sure you read every detail to prevent any mishaps.




It’s hardly the most gut-bustingly funny routine a candidate ever came up with. But President Obama’s claim that his opponent suffers from “Romnesia” appears to be going viral Friday.


Top 5 Tips on How to Photograph Food

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Random
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Food Photographer Vegas Deidra Wilson DPS

Many of you may want to step up your food photography from iPhone to fabulous, but you’re sure that it’s quite impossible to do without a food stylist and ten grand worth of gear to help you make that dish look amazing. I am living proof that that’s just not the case. If you have a team that is willing to work hard and a location that allows for great lighting, you’re more than halfway there.



Activision has released the official launch trailer for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The first title in the series to feature future warfare technology, the story follows two connected storylines, one set in the 1970s and the other in 2025. The upcoming title will also be the first title in the series to give players the ability to drive the storyline through choices made within the game. Check the trailer for a look at the wide array of future weapons and vehicles available to players as well as some impressive looking set pieces.


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If you were sitting back and thinking that the iOS App Store needs another photo editing app that allows you to add filters to an image from the camera roll, then today is your lucky day as we introduce you the Photo Mage app for iPhone and iPod touch. Photo Mage offers the ability to add Instagram-esque filters to images, but one of the fundamental differences over other apps of similar nature is that it concentrates only on that one feature and makes it as simple and as painless as possible for users.

The work flow of Photo Mage is probably one of the simplest things you will see in an iOS app. The first step revolves around adding an image to be edited with the app, making this part extremely easy by displaying a horizontal scrolling selection of photographs from the camera roll on the device. Users can also choose to either take a photograph with the camera or go directly into the device’s albums and choose one from there.




In these few days users are looking for the easiest ways to know if their devices jailbreakable or not. Maybe when they search on Google they can see too many answers with different things so they get confused, but not anymore. Today we have spotted a new web app which gives you the ability to get the quickest and the easiest answers about if your device can be jailbroken or not. That’s not all also the site will tell you what tools you can use it to jailbreak your device and gives you a tutorial in case you want to jailbreak your device..