iOS 6 GUI Now Download Available

Posted: October 13, 2012 in Gadgets

Finally and after too much waiting, today I would like to tell you all that The entire GUI (graphical user interface) for iOS 6 has just been uploaded to the web. This version, iOS 6 for iPhone 5, is a bit different than previous versions. Those of you who have downloaded and used these files have probably noticed they’ve become quite bloated.

The images come from the folks over at Teehan+Lax, a design firm known for its iOS GUI work, in the form of a 14MB Photoshop file

It’s iPhone 5-compatible, so everything has been scaled to fit its larger 4-inch display. And the best part is it’s completely free and available to the general public, meaning you don’t have to be an iOS developer to download it.

Just keep these licensing terms in mind:

“The sole purpose of this file is to help you pitch, design and build amazing software. It can’t be repurposed as your own, nor can it be broken apart and used to create similar tools.”

So in case you are interested you can download iOS 6 GUI from here


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