How to Enable Emoticons in iPhone 4S

Posted: October 10, 2012 in Random
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iPhone 4S emoticons in Messages and Notes apps.
Screen shots of iPhone 4S emoticons in Messages and Notes apps.
The iPhone 4S emoticons are part of the hidden wonders of iOS 5. This is a built-in feature in iPhone 4S and you only have to enable it to start writing SMS, emails, iMessages, and notes with these fun characters. Emoticons, emoji, smileys – whatever you call them, they are all collectively available in one international keyboard in the iPhone 4S settings . This keyboard is called “Emoji” – a Japanese word for picture characters in text messaging. The Emoji keyboard contains all the iPhone 4S emoticons that you need.
Screen shots of where Emoji keyboard will be enabled in iPhone 4S Keyboard Settings.
Adding “Emoji” keyboard in Keyboard Settings will enable the iPhone 4S emoticons.
To enable the iPhone 4S emoticons, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Add New Keyboard…. You will be directed to a list of keyboards. Browse through the list and select “Emoji”. That’s it! After that, Emoji will be listed in International Keyboards along with English (or whatever default keyboard your iPhone 4S is set). To start using the emoticons, just touch the Globe key in the virtual keyboard. You get use Emoji sets like smileys, flowers and animals, travel symbols, flags, and more. To go back to your standard (default) keyboard you just have to touch the Globe key again. Since the iPhone 4S emoticons are attached to your virtual keyboard, you can use it in any application that requires typing.

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