Halloween Freakynomics [infographic]

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Entertainment
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Alrighty y’all, this needs to happen. It’s October, so there needs to be a Halloween post. Know what I’m saying? It’s (and I am aware this is not original) my favorite holiday. This is actually a really awesome infographic. Let’s be real, you just wanna stare at it and squeeze its cheeks it’s so cute!

But really though, it’s awesome that 36% more adults are celebrating such a fun occasion! We all love to act a fool and look like one too! And why not bring your furry friends into it? Although I am a little worried about the emotional responsibility we put on our pets, humanizing them just a little while dressing them up in costumes can be pretty entertaining… if they don’t manage to rip it off in the first 5 seconds, that is.

Hope y’all eat some of the candy that totals to $2 million—just don’t be saying “my tummy hoits” in the morning! Good day to all of you lovely peeps!

Halloween Freakynomics

via dailyinfographic


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