Gridditor For iOS Is A Fast Photo Editing App Which Allows You To Pick And Apply Effects From A Beautiful Grid View

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Geek Stuff
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Apps that allow users to quickly and efficiently edit photographs on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch have always been popular offerings in the App Store, and as of this week, there is a new pretender to the throne in the form of the Gridditor app from Tai Shimizu. Gridditor lives within the Photography section and allows users to quickly edit and organize photographs in an attractive interface that manages to throw up some excellent filter combinations.

The app is based around providing users quick visual access to filters at any given time to allow their original images to be changed and amended to form new and interesting creations. All of the filters that are offered are shown in multi-directional places around the original image that has been selected from the camera or the saved camera roll on the device. The twist is; the further a user navigates in one direction towards a particular filter, the stronger the effect that is applied to the image gets, a feature that offers a new way of interacting with images.

The developer of the app has chosen to go down this route to easily allow users to apply multiple filters and filter types to the image at any given time to see what wonderful and surprising effects can be produced with the original photograph. As we have come to expect from an app of this type, users will be able to apply 1970s, Bleach Bypass, Crumpled, Bypass, Black and White and Sepia Tone filters, amongst others. Filtered images can then be exported to the camera roll and used however the owner sees fit.


The interface of the app is well set out and easy to use with only a minimal amount of getting used to, and the results of the filters are actually extremely interesting and engaging, making the $0.99 Gridditor app a very decent purchase, especially considering it is a universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. If photo editing apps are you thing then Gridditor surely won’t disappoint.

(Source: Gridditor for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on the App Store)


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