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Coke Zero is at it again, teaming up with the James Bond franchise to tease the film series’ next movie. This time, they’ve orchestrated an elaborate stunt for unsuspecting train passengers to win exclusive tickets to see Skyfall, the 23rd installment in the 007 saga.


The stunt challenged people to race to a certain platform within 70 seconds, all the while dodging human obstacles throughout the busy train station.




It’s hardly the most gut-bustingly funny routine a candidate ever came up with. But President Obama’s claim that his opponent suffers from “Romnesia” appears to be going viral Friday.


Nicholas Allegra, known by his online handle “Comex,” will no longer be lending his talents to Apple. The noted hacker posted the news on Twitter, stating that after a year as an intern he is now no longer associated with the company, though not because he was outright terminated. In a second tweet, Allegra claimed that the reason for his departure was an overlooked email.



There’s nothing new about “social media.”

Further, most “social sharing” still happens outside of social networks.

From the very first email sent by researchers in Switzerland in 1971, to modern sites like Google+ and Pinterest, the Internet, and the valuable content it distributes, have always been social.


Top 5 Tips on How to Photograph Food

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Random
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Food Photographer Vegas Deidra Wilson DPS

Many of you may want to step up your food photography from iPhone to fabulous, but you’re sure that it’s quite impossible to do without a food stylist and ten grand worth of gear to help you make that dish look amazing. I am living proof that that’s just not the case. If you have a team that is willing to work hard and a location that allows for great lighting, you’re more than halfway there.



Boujis Hong Kong
The nightclub of A-listers and royals launches its first international branch on Pottinger Street. We probably won’t get in though

Princes and paparazzi, all excited about Boujis.

Boujis, London’s most exclusive nightclub, opens its first international branch tonight in Hong Kong.



Ahh, the puzzle piece icon. It’s a site OS X and iOS users are quite familiar with, due in large part to the late Steve Jobs’ crusade against Adobe Flash Player. Now, many OS X users will start to see alerts when they visit websites that use Java applets because a new Java for OS X update has been pushed out that removes the accompanying browser plug-in.

The JRE is still installed, so desktop applications and games that depend on it will continue to function as they always have. Removing the browser plug-in is mostly about addressing security concerns. Java is one of the most commonly-used attack vectors today, and it’s not even a plug-in that the vast majority of users — whether they’re running OS X, Windows, Linux, or another OS — need to fire up on a regular basis. And when it does spring into action, average web users are probably more likely to see the Java plug-in fire up on a malicious site than a reputable one.