10 Facts About The Orgasm We Didn’t Know

Posted: September 3, 2012 in Geek Stuff, History, Random

10 facts about the orgasm we didn't know

Can a corpse have an orgasm? This is the type of question freelance writer turned accidental science-journalist Mary Roach set about discovering, among nine other hilarious facts about the orgasm we didn’t know.

Anyone familiar with Mary Roach’s work will know she has a knack for digging up creepy facts about death and sex, and turning her findings and observations into side-splittingly funny articles, talks and books.

In this 16-minute TED talk (that has been viewed nearly 3 million times) she tackles the orgasm to reveal 10 facts that certainly were never covered in any sex quizzes in the likes of Cosmo Magazine (or in any of the other teen go-to sex guides).

Perhaps the most curious fact is that the sacral nerve root (headquarters for the orgasm) can be triggered in brain dead people that are kept alive on a respirator purely so their organs can be oxygenated for transportation.

Or coming in at a close second, would have to be the video Mary shows of a pig on a farm in Denmark that is being sexually stimulated while as it’s being artificially inseminated – as sexual climax increases in amount of piglets it will produce. However it’s our duty to give a disclaimer with this sensational content (that is shown 11-minutes in) as some may find it slightly disturbing (although we’re fairly certain no animals were harmed in the making of this video).

For more usual facts about the orgasm, watch the video for a little adult education, and send it onto your friends!


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